Fire Strip Roll With Firesteel How To Video Demonstration Review

Fiddleback Outpost had the following to say about their awesome Fire Strip Roll product…

“Yes, you can use a ferro rod (aka firesteel) to light Fire Strip Roll from Production Hangar 51! Fire Strip Roll™ was actually designed for the Exotac NanoSpark (or even a Bic with no fluid left) but it can be used with a ferro rod or firesteel as well if you must…with a little smart preparation.

Even though it wasn’t designed for a firesteel or ferro rod, the Fire Strip Roll™ can be processed in a way that makes it easier to light this way. The name of the game is surface area. Ferro rods do not do that well when precision is needed, even the best efforts are thwarted in a spray of misdirected sparks. So you want to rough up the wax coating on the Fire Strip Roll™ first. Then, create torn edges that expose the paper fibers more. These exposed fibers will light the easiest. Now you can fold or roll your section of Fire Strip Roll in order to maximize ignitable surface area! Now grab your favorite ferro rod or firesteel, along with a good striker, and shower away your sparks until your hear is content.

We do recommend you use either an Exotac nanoSPARK instead, because even though flint sparks are not as hot as ferro sparks, the ability to direct the sparks into a specific area is key for this product. If you prefer using a ferro rod or firesteel, we would instead recommend Wax Wood Stick or Fat Rope Stick, both also made by Production Hangar 51.”

Check out the video below to get a demonstration, how-to, on using the Fire Strip Roll with firesteel. This awesome product can be yours for emergency and survival situations. Easy to use, ready at a moments notice, no matter the situation, you’ll be ready for any action!

Don’t get caught without the essentials, water, food, clothing, shelter, and FIRE!


Fire Strip Roll™, Fat Rope Stick™, or Wax Wood Stick™ are sold here:

Exotac NanoSpark is sold here:

Build Your Own Fire Kit like the one we used in this video here:


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